Neighbors for Affordability and Quality of Life is a grassroots organization of volunteers and community members who are committed to preserving affordability and quality of life for San Mateo County residents by passing Measure K.

In 2012, San Mateo County voters overwhelmingly approved Measure A, a locally controlled source of funding that has dramatically improved quality of life on the Peninsula. These funds have helped seniors, enhanced children’s reading skills, upgraded fire stations, emergency response operations, and health care facilities, and improved our city and county parks, including the Devil’s Slide Trail. However, we are facing new challenges in San Mateo County, particularly around affordability, as valued employees such as teachers, nurses and public safety officers are being forced to leave our community.

Measure K extends this vital local funding from Measure A for another 20 years, continuing critical investments in county services and addressing new challenges without increasing taxes by a single penny. All funds from Measure K will go directly to San Mateo County and cannot be taken away by the State.